The classic: Sweet Pea Bath and Body Works.

Sweet Pea Bath and Body WorksProduct Review: Sweet Pea body wash and Sweet Pea body cream

Price retails at $12.50 for body washes and $13 for body cream tubes, can be less with coupons.

In all seriousness, is there anything more that takes me back to the 90’s than Bath and Body Work’s Sweet Pea scent? They recently did a revival of 90’s scents that retired many moons ago (Cucumber Melon is one I remember in particular) but Sweet Pea has been a longtime favorite that has always been around. In fact out of their 200+ labels Sweet Pea is the oldest.

Ironically I go to find it on their website today and there is none. I would be highly surprised if they discontinued it, but even if they did it will more than likely come back.

I received it as a gift for Christmas last year and have been reminiscing on my tween-age years ever since.

As far as a review goes, there’s not much to say. Bath and Body Works has been crafting and perfecting their products since 1990 and are well established as that go-to beauty brand with every visit to the mall.

I am in love with their body washes and will hardly use any other kind. The lather like a dream and turn every shower into an euphoria of good-smelling goodness!

Their lotions have never let me down either. They are creamy, moisturizing, and long-lasting.

These Sweet Pea variations are no exception. The sweet pea smell makes me remember feeling good as a preteen, smelling like flowers all day long.

I often use the coupons Bath and Body Works sends to get a free travel item. On occasion they’ve been known to send me a free full size coupon. If you are fan too, be sure you sign up for these deals. It’s so worth it for me to go in the mall and get one, even if I have no other reason to be there!

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