Color correcting. There is something to it after all.

BECCA Color CorrectorProduct Review: BECCA Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector
$30 for each color corrector shade in a .16 oz container

So I kind of assumed that color correcting was one of those beauty “fads” and didn’t give it much thought beyond that. I wanted to try it though, even still. My face is really white, with redness on my cheeks and forehead, as well as some redness from any acne that decides to make my day. So for that, I’ve known for a long time that pistachio green is a good color to balance that out. I’ve been using Ulta’s primer for a while to combat it. It has the same pistachio coloration.
But this sample from BECCA featured two more colors called Papaya and Violet.
I used up every bit I could scrape up of the Pistachio. My skin ate it up and was begging for more. If you have a whole lot of redness like me, I can’t see this as being a viable option for it. I was use up the .16 oz container in no time. There are other options like the Ulta primer I mentioned, that are going to be a lot more cost effective.
Don’t get me wrong about the quality of this color corrector though, it’s just the high price I find fault in. This really worked well for correcting. I actually found that using the Pistachio, I didn’t even need to use concealer like I usually do. This evened out my tone just fine.
The violet didn’t really do anything for me. It says it’s to fight dullness. I used a touch on my cheeks as it added a bit of shine, but I didn’t see that it helped much else with my complexion.
Now the Papaya. That is some intense color! It’s a bright red orange. I used it on the blue areas under my eyes and I think it did in fact help to warm that up. A little bit of it goes a long way though. You only need a touch. Too much and you start to look overly bronzed. If you have a little bit of blue tones to warm out, this actually might be good because this one I found would probably last a lot longer, since you only need a little.
So frankly, I wouldn’t use these for any more than spot treatment, considering the price. But I am impressed with the results of color correcting. A little bit of it, and I felt like my face didn’t even need foundation over it. Kind of cool if you ask me.

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