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Estee Lauder Eye Shadow Blush and Shimmer

Product Review: Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Eye shadow, Pure Color Blush, and Pure Color All Over Shimmer

I came across the Holiday 2015 Blockbuster set and never have got a chance to review the items inside yet. There’s all kinds of great products in it, but today I’m just going to talk about two: The Pure Color Envy Sculpting Eye shadow and Blush Palette and All Over Shimmer. The larger palette comes with eye shadows and blush. Let’s talk colors. This particular palette has 12 colors of shadow. I’m not highly impressed by the color choices though. The actually look like just matte and shimmer versions of the same 6 colors. I realize for eye-sculpting you might need a monochromatic color scheme, but these shades of brown (and one sort of purple) are dull to me.
The included shades of shadow in this palette are:Estee Lauder Eye Shadow Blush and Shimmer
1. Pink Mink 1
2. Captivating Cocoa 2
3. Infamous Sky 1
4. Provocative Petal 2
5. Rebel Metal 4
6. Fiery Saffron 2
7. Ivory Power 3
8. Currant Desire 3
9. Defiant Nude 5
10. Defiant Nude 3
11. Ivory Power 4
12. Envious Orchid 4
Take a look at the picture of my arm for swatches and see for yourself. Also take note that none of these colors are real rich in pigment. They seem light in color and are not much darker when I tried to layer them.
I have to say, I’ve experienced these same problems with Estee Lauder eye shadow in the past. I’m all up for a great palette of nudes, but the fact that the colors are so light on my skin deters me.
The two blushes in the palette named Pink Kiss and Peach Passion are okay, but I will say I personally can’t do a thing with itty bitty blush in palettes. I like to get a big chunk to work my brush all over.Estee Lauder Eye Shadow Blush and Shimmer
Which brings me to the saving grace for me: the all-over shimmer. I’m not sure if Estee Lauder is trying to trick me or what. I thought all over shimmer would go on clear, with shimmer and glitter in it. This looks like a blush, feels like a blush, smells like a blush. No I’m just kidding, it actually smells pretty good though.
But don’t go willy nilly spreading this all over your face for just some shimmer because I’m telling you, it’s a blush. It has color to it, and good color at that! Plus look how the design matches the outside. I almost don’t want to mess it up. Almost.
It’s on the lighter side, which is good for my fair skin, and can be layered for a deeper tone. The shimmer is super fine and illuminates well, without being overpowering.
I’m really disappointed that this is “limited edition” and now it is hard to find online outside of ebay.
Estee Lauder has had some hits and misses with me, but when I review the rest of the bag I’ll be able to show you more hits. The eye shadows were the miss for me.
Keep an eye out for future reviews!

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