O Canada! Naturally Upper Canada Lotion

Naturally Upper Canada LotionProduct Review: Naturally Upper Canada Pressed Olive Avocado Hand & Body Lotion


32 oz. for 21.99 on Amazon. That’s a ton of lotion!

I love lotion. It gets me through a lot of rough days. I have a mild case of eczema that I get on my hands frequently. It started developing after my teenage years when I was on Accutane. Big mistake. I’ve had all sorts of problems since then including the eczema. Don’t ever get on that stuff people. It kills your skin and hair. There are so many other ways to work on clearing your acne, and this stuff has been found to be absolutely awful with its long term side effects.

But you roll with the punches. The eczema only flares up in extreme heat/cold temperatures, and when I’m voluntarily abusing them by hand washing my dishes.

There’s one lotion I keep on standby close to the sink when a flare up happens after the dishes. It’s called Naturally Upper Canada. I bought it at a Cracker Barrel when the sales lady coerced me into trying and buying it. I’m really happy she did.

I have the Pressed Olive and Avacado scent which from what I understand is one of their popular ones.

It comes in a great pump, which is super handy to have in the kitchen like I have, or set up in your bathroom. Mine is just 12 oz. but it has lasted forever. The pump works like a dream, but as with all pumps, it gets dry and crusty at the end and you have to wipe that off.

The smell is lovely. I’m not someone that likes the smell or taste of avacado but this works.

The texture is great for me too. I hate a runny watery lotion and this one has a thick and whipped consistency. Because of this, it is so good at moisturizing and my dry hands eat it up!

Naturally Upper Canada keeps their products from ever being tested on animals. This one is 97% natural and 100% free of parabens, mineral oil, SLS, and this pure white lotion is free of synthetic dyes.

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