Complexion Rescue? I could use it.

Bare Minerals Complexion RescueProduct Review: Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream
$29.50 for 1.18 oz.

“Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream” is just another way of saying “BB/CC Cream/Moisturizer” when it comes to Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. It seems like it might be their take on a skin tint, with SPF 30 in it, which is always handy.

Sometimes you just don’t want the heaviness of a foundation, which is fine. Many ladies out there are discovering that BB creams and the like can give you a touch of moisture, with a bit of color.

I guess my only problem with the idea is that it isn’t thick enough to smooth out the bumps of my skin, the color coverage was there, but I found my sample in particular to be very runny and watery, so it couldn’t really hide the acne and imperfections, even with applying several layers.

Somebody with naturally smooth skin could wear it flawlessly I’m sure. The color vanilla was a good match for my skin tone. I really think someone with dry skin could soak this in, but it would not suit anyone with oily skin. Fair warning, it is super wet. I had to tack on some setting powder before this stuff would dry on my face.

It would be great in the winter when I tend to dry out though. I do like how it is hypoallergenic, free of silicone, fragrance, and oil. I think this definitely has it’s place. Just not on my face, in particular.

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Urban Decay’s Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Product Review: Urban Decay’s Disney Alice Through the Looking Glass Eye Shadow Palette – $60

Alice Through the Looking Glass Eye ShadowsWe’re all mad here. I know some people aren’t a fan of the Disney classic’s being remade into live-action films, but I personally have loved all the renditions so far. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorites. It is so much more true to Lewis Carroll’s novel than the cartoon version ever was. I am very excited to see the upcoming sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass.

While I bide my time, I got a perfectly ordinary email from Sephora. New Fragrances, Skincare, yes yes… wait! What is this colorful thing? Urban Decay’s Alice Through the Looking Glass Eye Shadow Palette was the only thing on that e-mail that held my interest. I’ll be honest; I fell in love with it. But money is tight right now, with my husband working two jobs. I couldn’t justify spending $60 on some eye shadow right now. So I put it out of my mind.

Alice Through the Looking Glass ButterflyMom to the rescue. She randomly texts my sometime the next week and says “Do you like that Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette?”

She’s amazing.. So I anxiously awaited it to come in.

First impressions were: This is not an eye shadow palette, it’s a work of art. As soon as you get it out of the box, you find that it is a huge size first off. This will not fit in the backpack right now. I’m having to leave it out.

It’s kind of heavy. The pattern on the top of the box looks like you are looking through a kaleidoscope. On the side with the pull out drawer on it there’s a quote from the book. “I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I must have changed several times since then.” Which is fitting as it sounds like us all before we put on our makeup and become something else entirely.

Alice Through the Looking Glass QuotesYou lift the top to find another quote. “I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.” You can pull up the tabs this is printed on to reveal a beautiful butterfly with thin plastic wings that flap as you pull the tabs down all the way. This serves no real purpose, though I’ll admit I had fun with it, flapping the wings over and over.

Just above that is a mirror. It’s not one I would use to actually use to apply my makeup with because it gets a bit cumbersome holding that thing up to your face so close, but I like it for the fact it has my favorite character, Cheshire Cat’s quote, “We’re all mad here.”

I’d say this palette really appeals to my eccentric side.

But the funny thing is, when it comes to the colors of this eye shadow palette, you have the option to go crazy, or to not.

First let’s talk about the included two sided brush. It’s good quality, matches, and will for sure do the job. My only note is that you will probably need more than just this brush as neither end is fine pointed enough for precise work. I made it work for two different looks so far though.

There are 20 colors in all and I have to say, it made me change my mind about this being too expensive. Urban Decay has made some very high quality eye shadows here and the color choices make it worth the price.

Alice Through the Looking Glass Mad HatterThere’s a mixture of mattes, shimmers, and one full out glittery shade called “Dream On”. But the important thing to note is that they have already been grouped together in columns based on individual characters of the upcoming movie. From left to right is Alice, Mad Hatter, Mirana, Iracebeth, and Time.

Now of course you could mix and match, but let me go ahead and vouch for the Mad Hatter and the Mirana looks.

Mad Hatter is not for the feint of heart. It’s got some seriously bold colors, as it should. I followed along with the how to video on Sephora’s website, but deviated when I saw how much green they put under the model’s eyes. I did just a slight line of the green instead, which was much better considering I had to go to work that day. I mean, we are all mad there, but I didn’t need to look the part.

I ended up getting compliments on it so I’m pretty happy.

Alice Through the Looking Glass MiranaMy next use with the “Mirana” look was very nice as well. Soft, subtle, and simple shades of browns and creams worked perfect with a black winged eyeliner.

My only complaint with this palette is the back of the box that shows the colors is very off. The colors appear darker on the box than they actually are.

In addition, I think I might would have chosen some different colors for the red queen, Iracebeth. I get the blue eye shadow she wears in the movie, and the white shade for her face, but the teal and the burgundy color have me stumped. I might would have chosen a more red red. Red eye shadow can be dangerous to use without looking injured I know, but it can be done.

It’s not bothering me that bad though. Trust me. I am seriously loving this palette. I literally can’t wait to try out the other character’s looks. It’s just a matter of time.

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Sweet Kiwi! Exfoliating my dry skin!

Korres Kiwi ScrubProduct Review: Korres Kiwi Gentle Exfoliating Scrub for Dry Skin – It’s out of stock right now. But was on sale for $10 for a 1.69 oz tube.

That was a play on Maroon 5’s “Kiwi” song in the title of this post, in case you didn’t catch it. That’s one of their more obscure songs, and not my favorite. I think it is talking about something more than a kiwi fruit in it.

But I digress; I picked up this scrub online while it was on sale for $10. I was slightly disappointed to see the size of the tube was not as big as I thought it would be. I knew it was 1.69 oz. but from the picture, it looked at least the size of a tube of toothpaste, but it wasn’t quite that.Korres Kiwi Scrub Closeup

I can’t complain too much because it has lasted me several uses and is still going. It smells really nice. It’s not overly kiwi but does have a hint of it along with apple and orange that comes from their respective juices inside the product. The green scrub is filled with black beads that do the scrubbing. I use it in the shower and rub it in on the back of my arms every other day. After about a month of use, I noticed my arms felt softer, and a bit less dry. It also seemed to help with the redness from my Keratosis pilaris (A.K.A. chicken skin) I wouldn’t call it a cure, but the bumps went down and the overall appearance of my arms was smoother. So that is an added bonus for me!

Considering that, I would agree this could be good for dry skin. Don’t exfoliate daily, a few times a week is good. But if you think you might need something for those dry scaly patches of skin like mine, you might find this worth a try.

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* $2.00 off any Loreal Paris Excellence or Excellence Age Perfect haircolor

* $2.00 off Garnier Olia Oil-Powered Haircolor

* $1.00 off Dial or Tone Body Wash, Dial or Tone bar soap, Dial lotion

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* $4.00 off Schwarzkopf Hair Care or Styling Products

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* $2.00 off got2b styling product

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My low maintenance approach to healthy hair

Healthy Hair4 low-maintenance tips to help you have healthy hair

I get hairdressers asking me all the time what I do to keep my hair so healthy. I promise I’m not just saying that. Every single one I have been to has made a comment to that effect. When I tell them, I am pretty sure that most of them think I’m crazy, and very few would actually try my methods. But I’m going to share them with you anyway because I believe I’m not the only one out there who loves a low maintenance approach when it comes to their hair. Some of you might already be doing a few of these tips.

* Do not wash your hair everyday.

This gets most people right here. Although almost everyone now has heard this by now, most still will look at me and say. “Yeah I’ve heard that but I just can’t go a day without washing my hair.” It’s simply not true. Your hair is designed to withstand a lot, but taking the harsh chemicals that are in today’s shampoo and conditioner and scrubbing it in on a daily does no good for you whatsoever.

I’ll confess I live a pretty sedentary lifestyle and work an office job so my hair does not get oily very fast. Some say you can shampoo once or twice a week. There’s even a “no poo” movement that encourages no shampooing at all. (They use a mixture of baking soda and apple cider vinegar instead)

I can’t go to that extreme. I wash and condition every other day. It works for me and my hair, but you can try this trick out and find what works for you.

If you find that your hair feels to oily on the in between days you can use a dry shampoo. They have become increasingly popular because it makes it quick and easy to spray into your roots and work it in, feeling cleaner in seconds.

* Don’t have your hair bleached/colored too often.

I can’t stand to have my hair its natural dirty blonde for too long. So I will get highlights put in it twice a year. Twice a year is not very often, compared to some I’ve seen getting it done every month. Bleach and dyes are again, full of chemicals that are damaging when used to often.

* Get the dead ends cut regularly.

Even when I can’t get to the salon, I have been known to cut the dead ends of my hair myself to make sure they aren’t splitting all over the place. You may not be up for this but stop in at your salon for a trim at least every three months.

* Stop flat ironing/curling so much.

When people ask me what I do to my hair, my answer is always the same. “I let it do whatever it wants in the morning.” However it is parted, I let it be for the day. I just brush it out and go. Yeah it’s got some frizz to it, but it’s not worth the sacrifice of damage to my hair from all that heat (or lets be honest, my time in the mornings) to do a daily flat iron. In fact, it has to be a special occasion before I wipe the dust off my flat iron or curlers. On the days you can stand to do it, just brush it and go. You will be shocked at the difference in the health of your hair when you don’t apply so much heat to it. Also on that note, avoid the hair dryer on the days you can too. I find there is something liberating about letting my hair dry naturally on the weekends. On the days you need the hairdryer, try to use the warm or even cool setting if your dryer has it. I’ll admit I’m bad about not doing that one, but it’s a good idea all the less. If you have to break the flat iron out don’t forget to use a heat protection spray first to safeguard your hair. I use this one from Chi.

I hope someone can benefit from these tips. Have no shame, and remember we live in a wonderful time where hairstyles like the “messy bun” are perfectly acceptable when going out. Your hair doesn’t have to be perfectly in place, but it should be healthy and strong.

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Bareminerals Eyeshadow. Great stuff, difficult to control

Bareminerals EyeshadowProduct Review: Bareminerals Eyeshadow $15.00 for .02 oz

When I was younger, in high school, is the first time I recall actually getting into makeup. I never gave it any thought at all until I met my now husband. He’s actually the reason I started trying to work on my appearance, and I began a daily makeup routine with bareminerals foundation. I always liked how light it felt on. I became a fan of it and used it for years, until at some point in college, we lost touch. Yes, as strange as that sounds, I lost touch with a brand of makeup. I didn’t pick it up again until I began working on this blog. So I am especially grateful to have the Beauty Backpack, for reintroducing me to a company I had nearly forgotten.

This time however, I started with something of theirs I had never had the pleasure of trying. Bareminerals eyeshadow.

One is from their “Glimpse Eyeshadow” collection in the shade of Bahamas.

The other is from their “Glimmer Eyeshadow” in the shade of Sex Kitten.Bareminerals Eyeshadow

I wasn’t surprised to see the powder form it came in, much like I remember my foundation to be. It did scare me a bit though. It isn’t too hard to get a large brush and apply powder foundation, but eyeshadow in a fine powder form, onto as small an area as around the eyes is something else entirely.

So I got a small brush and gave it my best go with the two shades. I’m happy with the results, and the colors are gorgeous. They have a lot of glitter and shine in them.

I would say they are highly pigmented. Bahamas is pink with a slight coral undertone to it so it matches well with the copper colors in Sex Kitten.

I will say however that this maybe isn’t the best eyeshadow for a beginner. It takes a lot of skill with a brush to keep this stuff from going everywhere. I like to think I’m decent with a brush with my artist background, but as you can see I had trouble keeping the Bahamas shade from floating off and resting under my eye.

All in all, I like it though. It just would take some serious practice to control this eyeshadow.Bareminerals Eyeshadow

The good news is that the preservative-free quality actually did help keep my eyes from getting irritated with the flakes that got in my eyes. It was not 100% smudge-proof, but I can say considering the consistency, it was much better than I expected. When I made a conscious effort and avoided touching my eyes it lasted very well, all day long.

Give Bareminerals a try. I am even more impressed with their products now then I was in high school.

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Kate Somerville ExfoliKate: I’m not feeling it.

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Cleanser and TreatmentProduct Review: Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Cleanser Daily Foaming Wash and Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

$24 for .5 oz. of treatment. $38 for 4 oz. of cleanser.

Link to find treatment on Sephora

Link to find cleanser on Sephora

Sometimes I feel like I may be an anomaly. Especially when I don’t totally dig something that everyone else seems to love.

Kate Somerville is what some call a skincare guru. She makes products that Hollywood celebrities rave about using.

I guess little ole me from Kentucky doesn’t get the hype. I tried a sample of both the ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment and the ExfoliKate Cleanser Daily Foaming Wash.

Starting with the cleanser, it was really thick and white like paste. It barely foamed up, and when I did finally managed to cover my face (Which it took the entire sample to do so. Most samples I get last me two or three uses) I washed it off to find it did little to no exfoliating whatsoever. My face had no visible difference other than being washed. Plus this stuff wasn’t pleasant to smell. It had a chemical scent to it.

But I was holding out hope that the Exfoliating Treatment would do better with me. I squirted it out to find something black. Now a black face mask doesn’t bother me, but the grit inside got me worried. It literally feels like you are rubbing sand on your face. Not pleasant, and I would say not at all for someone who has sensitive skin. The smell was slightly nicer, if you like the smell of cloves that is. But there’s no reason for me to buy this product. It actually left my skin with redness and raw after one use.

If you have skin that could stand up to a cheese grater, go right ahead. But I don’t even have highly sensitive skin and this treatment kept me with redness into the following morning.

I wouldn’t call Kate Somerville products cheap either. It’s not worth the purchase for me and I won’t be using these products again. The Treatment roughed me up, and the Cleanser, just didn’t produce any good results. It can’t even begin to compare for me to the Korres Greek Yoghurt Cleanser I reviewed earlier this week.

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Gift Idea Alert: Digital Coupons for Gift Cards

Gift Cards Mother's Day Gift Idea

Mother’s Day Gift Idea! Right here. Save some money on the gift cards she wants!

Mother’s Day is Sunday. That’s right, this Sunday. In case you forgot or are a procrastinator like I can be at times, I have a quick and easy idea for you. Best part is, you’ll save money doing it and mom doesn’t have to know that part!

If you have a Kroger Plus Card, get online and make your account so you can take a look at their wide selection of digital coupons.
I’ve talked in the past about how you can find great coupons on Kroger’s website to load for personal health and beauty products, but did you know that from time to time, they will offer up coupons on gift cards as well?

This week I took advantage of the fact that there are some gift cards with coupons for companies like, Sephora, and Bath & Body Works. These digital coupons expire on 05/21/16 so go ahead and load them to your card. If you plan on using them as Mother’s Day gifts, go out and get them soon. The and Sephora deal requires you to buy two gift cards equaling to be $50. (2 $25 cards is what I found worked.) The Bath and Body Works one says two gift cards, excluding the $10 cards, so I’m assuming from that it’s basically the same in having to by 2 $25 cards.

So you have two cards to be able to give to a mom, grandmother, mother-in-law, sister, friend or co-workers who are moms. Or you could even give one to mom and keep one for yourself. Don’t worry, I won’t tell. Have no shame.

Another added perk is that buying gift cards at Kroger rewards you with 2 times fuel points. So you’ll get 100 fuel points just for picking up 50 bucks worth of these cards.
I especially like the Sephora one. You get 50 dollars worth but save $10. If you shop in the sale section or value sets on their site, you know that mom could actually get quite a few things for that.
Take advantage of this sweet deal before it is gone.

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Amazing results: Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cleanser

Korres Greek Yoghurt CleanserProduct Review: Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser

$26 for 5.07 oz.

So I didn’t know much about the Korres brand other than what I saw roaming the aisles at Sephora. I love the graphic design on the packaging for their body butters.
But anything else, I guess never caught my eye. That is, until I received a sample for Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser.

This is not at all related, but I feel I need to mention that I love greek yogurt. Ever since the craze has hit the grocery shelves I have all but given up regular yogurt.

So when I read “greek yoghurt” it made me smile.

Greek Yogurt Concentrate is listed in the ingredients, as providing amino acids and protein. Honey suckle is also listed for soothing and antibacterial benefits, as well as Amaranth Seed Extract to calm skin.

Then comes the obligatory water and other things I can’t pronounce.

Sephora’s website says in the description this product has a “heavenly scent”. When I opened it up and smelled, I really didn’t smell much of anything. A little milky scent, but not much else there. Maybe I’m just not for the smell of milk? I drink it so much I’m probably used to it.
So this is paraben-free, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free. I don’t know what that last one is, but hey, I don’t think I want it.

By this point I’m convinced enough to try it. It is a super creamy formula, that takes some real tough scrubbing to turn to a foaming cleanser, but either way, cream or foam texture, starts to work immediately on cleansing my skin.

I have to say, it removed my makeup like a dream. It was super easy to wipe away even my eyeliner and mascara.

I left my skin feeling pretty good, no smell that I could smell still, but it felt smooth and clean.

Plus I have to brag on one more potential side effect of this cleanser! After just one use I woke up the next morning and had less redness to my face, and it also was amazingly clear. I have struggled with some acne lately, and there was a visible difference in my face from one day to another. Now could it have been coincidentally going to get better today? Yes. But I want to believe that this cleanser may have also had a hand in clearing out the impurities so that I woke up with much clearer skin.

It has me so excited that I just might be purchasing a full size in this product to find out. And you all know me; I’m cheap. I get by on a huge bottle of $7 cleanser. But this find has really peaked my interest on this product.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m totally going to go get some greek yogurt. All this talking about it made me hungry!

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It didn’t fit me. Maybelline FitMe! Powder Foundation

Maybelline FitMeProduct Review: Maybelline FitMe! Powder Foundation

Retails for $5.59 in most drugstores

In my quest for the perfect foundation for me, I stumbled across a Maybelline Powder foundation that was out. In case you can’t tell, it’s Maybelline week apparently on the Beauty Backpack. But unlike my other two Maybelline product reviews this week, this one did not go so well.

I bought not the lightest shade, but the second lightest (Classic Ivory), because the first one looked straight white to me. Bringing it home I was excited to try it since my Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation and Lasting Drama eye pencil had been a good purchase.

The foundation has a compartment underneath with a decent mirror underneath; if you like to take foundation and touch up on the go. Also hidden under there is this little thin soft pad… thing. It is more or less useless in my opinion. It collects all the pressed powder on it, and what you try to in turn apply to youMaybelline FitMe Padr face doesn’t really come off it. Most of it just seems to be stuck there on the pad. So I thought I would try a brush instead.

I nearly abused my makeup brush trying to get the foundation on it. It just couldn’t pick the powder up.

I’m confused about this. The same brush picks up loads of powder with ease with my Revlon Colorstay powder foundation. (That’s good stuff, and I’m running out of it).

So I gave up on all that and dug in there with some swipes of my finger. The powder is very fine, and what little bit I was able to apply felt soft and smooth, but getting enough of it to use is a headache!

Needless to say, it doesn’t fit me. FitMe! Foundation may be good for someone with more patience then me, but I don’t like having to fight to get my powder.

Red Plum Coupons from 4-27 edition

* $2.00 off Garnier Nutrisse or color style
* $3.00 off any two Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment or Styling Products
* $1.00 off Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment Product
* $2.00 off Garnier Fructis Style Product
* $1.00 off Rimmel London Eye or Face Product
* $2.00 off Rimmel London Eye Product
* $3.00 off L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Last 2 Step Lipcolor
* $1.00 off L’Oreal Paris Lip Product

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My kind of drama! Maybelline Lasting Drama Pencil

Maybelline Lasting Drama PencilProduct Review: Maybelline Lasting Drama Waterproof Eye Pencil.

Retails in drugstores and the like for $7.99

Too much drama for your mama? Not for this girl. I love to play up my eyes. The artistic side of me comes out when I’m doing my makeup, and I just can’t resist trying for the playful colors, and bold styles. That’s why I picked up this Maybelline Lasting Drama eye pencil in the color “silken turquoise”. Turquoise is my favorite color right now. One day when I have a house of my own I expect there will be something turquoise in every corner. It’s calming, thus it is a color that fills my wardrobe. Most times, I try to make my makeup coincide with what I’m wearing.

So anyway, I picked this up at Walmart for around $7.00 on sale. I had second doubts about it because I have some Sephora + Pantone Universe Gel Pencils that have been a little less than par. I was afraid this would dry out like those have, and not glide on easy either.

Luckily they are nothing alike. They do remind me of Urban Decay’s eye pencils in their softer, creamier feel and highly saturated color. The turquoise really pops on the eyes. It has just a touch of shine to it. Plus, let me just say, it glides on like a dream. Some of my eye pencils I have to make what feels like a hundred passes over my lid. One swipe does it with this, with a second just to correct whatever I messed up and made uneven.Maybelline Lasting Drama Pencil on Eyes

In case you can’t tell, I’m still kind of amazed by it.

I think this would be really fun to wear by itself around the eyes but my personal favorite use is as I have shown in the picture, with a line of turquoise just above a normal black wing done in my liquid eyeliner. I think it would look fab on the lower lid with black on the upper as well! I’m so going to try that next.

I like to think I get away with more bold eyeliner behind my glasses, but the color still shows through so well with this I have had people compliment it.

Maybelline Lasting Drama Pencil SwatchOh and did I mention it sharpens easily? Or that it lasts all day long without a smudge for me? Or that it says it is waterproof, and that statement holds true for me, I’ve had the opportunity to test that out in a long workout.

In case you can’t tell, I am kind of in love with this Lasting Drama Pencil. I would definitely recommend you give this a try before you go buy something more expensive.

This Maybelline collection also has shades in Black, Purple, Emerald, and Copper.

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