Shugar Soapworks Dollar Tree Soap

Shugar Soapworks Dollar Tree SoapProduct Review: Shugar Soapworks Oatmeal & Verbena Soap – 7oz bar for $1 at Dollar Tree

I don’t tend to get my beauty fix at the Dollar Tree. I had intended to get some cheap kitchen serving spoons (which are actually great quality. I love them) and I ended up in the personal care section, wasting some time looking at some really bad looking makeup brushes. I was tempted by a eye shadow palette that looked similar to Urban Decay’s Naked palette, but I decided to try that another time.
However, I did need some soap and much to the dismay of my husband, I did not pick up his favorite Irish Spring. I got distracted instead on this bar of soap from Shugar Soapworks. I’ve never heard of the brand but the fanciful box drew me in. The graphic design got me again. It never fails. But more than that I was intrigued by the weight of the bar and the “Oatmeal and Verbena” scent it supposedly had. I love oatmeal soap. I’ve used plenty in the past and it’s a scent I could bathe in everyday.
So I took it home, unboxed it, and was highly surprised at the size of this dollar bar. It is huge. It’s like holding up a brick with rounded corners.
The back of the box said Shugar Soapworks are free from animal by-products, chemicals and plastics. I’m always okay with that. No colors or parabens are in this soap either.
So on to what happened when I used it.
The soap is so big it is a little cumbersome. I love a good value, but the size made it difficult to use. Also, it was a slippery devil. It is made with essential oils and you can feel it. It feels great on the skin, super moisturizing, but it can be difficult to hold onto too. It’s so silky feeling and left my skin feeling like I’d just put on lotion.
But the smell left me very confused. I bought Oatmeal and Verbena. I detected no Oatmeal at all. Once I Googled Verbena and found out it was a flower I couldn’t really smell any of that either. The one thing I was getting very strongly? Lemon. I’m talking Lemony Pledge smell, and nothing but.
That makes no sense. My only conclusion is that the wrong bar of soap made it’s way into the oatmeal box. Shugar Soapwork’s makes a Lemon Verbena soap as well.
If that’s what happened, then I guess this review is really for their lemon soap, but I can’t be sure. In any case, the soap was super moisturizing and a great deal at only a dollar. I plan on sharing it with the husband. He’ll fuss it’s not Irish Spring. He will just have to deal though, and use this great deal of a soap.

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  1. I have also recently bought this product myself from the Dollar Tree. After the first time using it in the shower I wanted to purchase more. It’s a great bargain for the size of the bar and it is the best lathering bar soap I have used in years. My only complaint is that the scent is not as strong or long lasting. I have also found an almost identical bar soap like this one at the Family Dollar store, the name is “Modesa” and is 7 oz

    1. Oh yes I agree. I will have to find this Modesa soap. The 7 oz bars are certainly worth the cost. We are still working on this same bar of soap actually. It’s about half the size now.
      Thank you for commenting!

  2. Shonna,

    This is Bonnie and I work with Shugar Soapworks. Thank you for writing about our soaps! One of the reasons our soaps are so lightly scented is that we don’t use animal fat and don’t have to mask its odor. Even so, we’d like the opportunity to send you some of our soaps in different scents so you can try them again. Please let us know how to reach you. You can email me at Also, please join us on Facebook for more information and updates.

    1. Bonnie,
      I wrote a private email to you with my address a while back. I hope you received it. I would be honored to try more products!


    1. Yes it’s very good for sensitive skin from what I can tell. My skin’s becoming more sensitive as I get older unfortunately, so I’m really trying to find more good soaps like this.

  4. Bought this soap today and love it! Everyone will get one in their stocking this Christmas. One question, why isn’t there the Vegan logo on the box?

    1. Great stocking stuffer idea!
      I’ve long since thrown my box away but I don’t remember if there was mention of it on the back. Might just be a graphic design thing where they chose not to put it on there.

  5. I purchased one bar of this Shugar Soapworks Oatmeal & Verbena for the first time today at the Dollar Tree and used it. I really love it. I will go back tomorrow and buy more. That is why I am online searching the brand and company for other scents. Lightly scented, 7 oz., no animal fats, no parabens, essential flower oils, lots of smooth lather; all great for me!!

  6. Hello! I love those soap bars I bought oatmeal n cranberry soap bars abt 8 of them for family friends and co workers for Xmas on dollar tree I went back to get more was disappointed no more left only have lemon n coconut I went to four dollar trees don’t have cranberry I’m happy that it is no animal testing as I’m an animal lover I like the lemon smell but for Xmas rather cranberry where can I find more of those?? I have sensitive dry skin thank u! I love them!

    1. They will make great Christmas gifts I’m sure. They cool thing is they really look like they cost way more than a dollar!
      Other than the Dollar Tree stores I have heard that some Dollar General stores carry them. You might try there?

  7. Verbena the flower does smell like lemon. But maybe more like lemon grass. Oatmeal does not have a scent of itself that I know of, but it has superior moisturizing properties and is recommended in an oatmeal bath for skin troubles by dermatologists! I love the size and shape of the bar–so easy to use without a cloth or sponge the curve fits your body and it glides down your legs and arms! This is a fantastic soap! All the scents are wonderful! Any of the oatmeal formulas beat the dry itchy Winter skin blues!

    1. That probably explains it then. I don’t know anything Verbena. Thanks for enlightening me on that!
      I have some issues with eczema in the winter and oatmeal is good for that. I really wish I had some of this soap when I had a bad spell of it recently.