Estee Lauder Wired Copper Shimmer Lip Gloss

Wired Copper Estee Lauder Lip GlossProduct Review for Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss in Wired Copper Shimmer

Very hard to find now. Can be found on Ebay for $16.50 – LINK

Last month I reviewed some items from the Estee Lauder Holiday 2015 Blockbuster set. I still have plenty more to talk about from that huge set. But since I am having a grand time talking about lip products lately, I decided to cover the lip gloss. Wired Copper is a shade of the Pure Color collection that I was particularly drawn to. Copper colors look good on me, I think. Where I am so fair skinned I think copper helps warm my skin up. I once had my hair colored to a copper blond and really liked it.Wired Copper Estee Lauder Lip Gloss

This lip gloss seems to be a bit more on the pink side then the orange side, but is still a beautiful shade none the less.

It has plenty of shimmer and really does the job on making the lips shiny and glossy. I love a good lip gloss for that. I really prefer a moist looking lip as opposed to what you get with some dry lipsticks. I’ve noticed a growing trend to make lipsticks more moisturizing these days, and I suspect that is due to women wanting their lips to look more healthy and moist.

This is a sample tube but it is really nice. The gloss applicator slides right up when twisted open. The gloss is a good consistency. It’s not too sticky or runny.

This smells amazing, like candy. But it does not taste like it. It’s not terrible, but not something where you’ll enjoy licking your lips either.

Overall I am pretty impressed with this gloss. I also have a comparable color in Pure Color Praline Paradise Shimmer and can vouch for it on all the same counts, so it seems the formula is consistent across different colors.

Since this product is so hard to find I felt like I needed to keep this review brief, however, most of what I discussed here applies to all Estee Lauder lip glosses.

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